Manchester Family History Research

This is not your ordinary run of the mill family history or genealogy site, this is different. Stop what you are doing and settle down for a good read, you might even want to put the kettle on and make yourself a drink before exploring these pages.  If you have an interest in Manchester in particular, and  its surrounding  area then this is the site for you. Bookmark this page, because you will want to come back and revisit this site. There is  too much information to take in at one go, you will need to come back, again and again. The information on these pages, although Manchester based, can apply to many areas of family research throughout the whole of the country. In these pages you can see many examples of my work, so read on, enjoy and let me extend a  very warm welcome to my web site.

FIND MY PAST  THE 1939 REGISTER. AS Find My Past states « FREE to search the register and to preview the transcript that includes the person’s nameyear of birth, town and county of residence. In addition, you’ll be able to see how many other people lived in the house at the time and how many of them are closed due to being younger than 100 years old and still alive. This will help you to confirm if you’ve found the right person and then you can choose to unlock the record. Unlocking will give you all of the additional information such as address, dates of birth, occupations and marital statuses of everyone that lived there, plus the original record image, maps, newspapers and exclusive photos of the time. »

 In late 2011 Manchester Archives  launched The Manchester Collection on Find My Past. The publicity releases contained numerous examples of my research, covering many years, that can be found on this site. I have heard that both the company  and Manchester Archives have had an abundance of emails asking for explanations of some of the terminology used in these records…look no further than the pages of this site! Most, if not all is explained. See below for a link to the Manchester Collection. This  is what Find My Past stated:

For in-depth background information and comment regarding Manchester archival records and especially those relating to its industrial schools, prisons and workhouses, we recommend Gerard Lodge’s Manchester Family History Research website. We would like to acknowledge the use of some of Gerard’s case studies in the contextual help pages on and in the press releases and other publicity used in the launch of The Manchester Collection.